What is Trust Fall?

Trust Fall is an experimental delivery service run by Columbus Food Adventures that provides our customers with the scheduled delivery of a meal for 2. The ‘trust’ part is that the recipients have no idea what the food is… they just know it’s food we want to share with them from a restaurant we like (if you’re reading this, then we like you!).
We first ran this on April 16th 2020, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Since then we have delivered almost 5000 meals from 70 different restaurants and we have been featured in the Columbus Dispatch. Our customers are all over the city.
How does Trust Fall work with restaurants?
Our goal is to provide participating restaurants with a maximum of 21 orders in an evening. Each order will be exactly the same – no dietary restrictions, substitutions, food allergies, drinks… no changes/add ons whatsoever. Each order will be enough to make for a meal for two people. We assume the meal will be shared/eaten family style, so variety is a plus.
These orders should cost $25. If we sellout we would pay you $525 ($25 x 21 orders) for the full compliment of orders for the evening. Our sales close at noon on the day of delivery and we will confirm the final number then or before if we sell out earlier.
Delivery – delivery occurs in two waves. The first pick up is at 4:50pm, and the second at 6:15pm, with 10-11 orders for each time slot. Each wave of orders is distributed among two drivers and delivered quickly to maintain freshness.
We will work with you to figure out the perfect Trust Fall meal. Food should travel well and we recommend packing hot and cold items separately.

Payment – We pay by check or credit card (your preference) at time of pick up.

In addition each meal is featured on our social media channels. We have over 44k Instagram followers.

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