Crisp and Cold at the North Market

November 23rd, 2008    •  by Bethia    •   No Comments »


There were only four stall holders braving the cold at the market yesterday. The Thomas’s selling apples and cider, Toad Hill, Wayward Seed and Elizabeth Telling. With temperatures in the twenties, they really deserved some support. With the cold weather and a noon football game the market was as quiet as I have seen it. Luckily I bumped into two sets of friends and had a jolly time, and enjoyed the lack of lines.


Wayward Seeds were mainly giving out their Thanksgiving CSAs, but they did have some extra vegetables so I bought brussels sprouts on the stem, radishes, baby leeks and Ark of Taste Green Mountain potatoes.


From Toad Hill I bought some of Tim’s amazing tempeh (everyone who tries it says it is the best they have ever had), eggs and some beautiful chestnutty carnival squash.


Indoors to Jeni’s to stock up on some heirloom pumpkin ice cream for thanksgiving. Jeni’s ship ice cream all over the country, so you don’t have to live in Columbus to enjoy her amazing flavors. Then to the Greener Grocer for milk and some more vegetables: baby turnips, celery root (celeriac) and onions. The busiest stall in the market was Blues Creek and I know that they sold out of their autumn sausage later in the day. 

Home for breakfast – coffee from Stauf’s, honey wheat bread from the Eleni Christina bakery, paw paw jam from Integration Acres and homemade butter made with Snowville Dairy whipping cream. This was my first experiment making butter (inspired by Lisa and Colleen) and I used the food processor. It was surprisingly easy, except for trying to get all the water out at the end.



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