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mm breakfast

mmm breakfast

The end of the peaches and raspberries with homemade applesauce, usually on cereal or yoghurt, but in this case on the end of the apple cake. 

Paw Paw

Paw paw

I was thinking about doing something with the paw paws, but I keep just eating them as they are. They taste different every time depending on how ripe they are. Quite a lot of effort to eat sucking on all the seeds but really delicious. 

Stir fried pak choi
Stir fried pak choi

 With caramelized shallots and toasted sesame seeds. A really tasty veganomicon recipe. 

My invented salad with kohlrabi, carrots, radishes, green beans, red onion, beets served on arugula and garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds and Blue Jacket dairy chevre. Makes a great packed lunch. 

Dinner at Margaux and Tim’s – home made pasta, veganomicon bean balls and homemade apple pie.

Tim's pasta

Tim's pasta


The veganomicon bean balls are really good and easy and quick to make – as well as being a safe fall back if you suddenly have to make dinner for a vegan. The base is kidney beans and the only unusual ingredient is vital wheat gluten. I added some marmite and worcestershire sauce to their recipe. I think it is better with more breadcrumbs than they say. 

I wrote about Blue Jacket Dairy’s Gretna Grillin’ cheese last week . It is a local version of halloumi and here is a picture it cooked – it is DELICIOUS but it’s fried cheese – how could it not be. 

Gretna Grillin'

the superlative Gretna Grillin' cheese

Another of my weekly market purchases. 

My favorite milk



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