High jinks at Bono

October 26th, 2008    •  by Bethia    •   1 Comment »

People often have fantastic(al) ideas when they are drunk. It is less often that these ideas seem so good the cold light of day and even rarer that they actually come to fruition. 

Two such ideas became reality this week… the white castle pizza and the three meat martini. 

The white castle pizza is detailed and dissected on Columbus Underground. I didn’t take any of my own photos, but I have to confess to having half a slice. The first (and I hope last time) I will ever try white castle. The pizza looked surprisingly good, given what was on it (Bill is a master) and the fresh peppers and caramelized onions helped, but the meat is so gross that I tried it under coercion. 

High jinks number two was the three meat martini, an idea originally inspired by the bacon infused bourbon. This incarnation was vodka, vermouth, pizza sauce and three meats on a skewer.


The meat platter.

The martini was good, especially if you weren’t deterred by the slight film of grease on the surface. I managed two. The chargrilled serrano peppers made an excellent stirrer and added quite a kick.

I hasten to add that I don’t think that either of these things will ever appear as regular menu items, although Bill and Peggy certainly seem game for challenges or for you to bring your own toppings or beverages. In terms of the menu we eagerly await the renaming of the number 2 to the San Rolando. 

Colleen asked for a dough snack. I think envisioning a piece of crust to dip in some sauce. This fabulous snack was what Bill created. 

Creativity isn’t limited to crazy meat concoctions. Bono also has a new dessert – the almond crepe, which is really good. Homemade ricotta, snowville dairy whipping cream, amaretto sauce and almonds.

Take two, was pimped with Jeni’s torrone ice cream. Even more delicious! (Torrone is like nougat – egg whites, almonds, honey). I think the ice cream has white chocolate. 

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  1. So THIS is what you were talking about last night 🙂 Three Meat Martini sounds intriguing…esp the part about the Serrano Pepper!

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