Lunches at my desk

October 15th, 2008    •  by Bethia    •   No Comments »

Inspired by the donation of real silverware by one of my colleagues (I believe it was previously ‘acquired’ from a local eating establishment) I have been getting more ambitious (or deconstructed) with my packed lunches. Hmm, actually today it was just a lack of leftovers.

Today – a sweet potato from wayward farms cooked in the microwave down the hall, with a salad – radishes from the market, arugula (and some other lettuce leaves I can’t identify) from the garden, silver lake chevre from Blue Jacket dairy, homemade balsamic dressing and some roasted salted pepitas. And an apple for dessert.

Now I just need a better plate and maybe some coffee to help get me through the afternoon.

Another desk lunch – more homegrown arugula, this time with roasted vegetables.

Another salad, this time with mixed greens from Toad Hill (a really varied delicious mix), herb garden chevre from Blue Jacket Dairy, roasted musque de provence squash and roasted pumpkin seeds from Circleville. Finished off with my banana nut muffin from Sassafras bakery. What a feast!

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