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October 13th, 2008    •  by Bethia    •   No Comments »

Another contender for the best sandwich competition. 

White anchovy sandwich

White anchovies sandwich

When I go to Cafe Corner I usually order the same thing. I love their beet and boursin sandwich so much that it is normally the reason that I am there. I was invited for lunch there on sunday and was in the mood for something more savory… I branched out and I was well rewarded. 

I had the marinaded white anchovies sandwich with a fried egg, parmesan, mixed greens, and caesar dressing on toasted old world bread. It was superb and perfect brunch food for a hot day. It may have equalled but not replaced the B&B in my affections, so  I think the only answer is to go there more often. There were quite a few other sandwiches that caught my eye as well, including the fennel apple BAC and the sandwich tapeno.

The specials = the meatloaf sandwich and the hot hot hot chipotle egg (and bacon?) burrito were also given the stamp of approval and hot hot hot was deemed to be the correct description.

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