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August 15th, 2009    •  by Andy    •   1 Comment »

Hi All – TacoDrew here from Tacotruckscolumbus.com.  Hungrywoolf is away on vacation and has graciously handed over the keys to her blog (and asked me to make myself at home).

Hope I don’t make too much of a mess.

Anyhow, Hungrywoolf has significantly updated her ‘Best of…’ page (link at the top).  She’d like to remind everyone that this list is reflective of her own personal experiences and is not necessarily a comprehensive survey of the best Columbus has to offer (though I’d suggest it’s darned close…).  She’d also like to hear your feedback – if you disagree with one of her picks or can think of something special that’s not getting it’s dues, please post a comment on the ‘best of’ page.


And now, for my first bit of original content, a quick announcement:

The Iron Chef competition at the Hills Market was held this morning, and Hungrywoolf correspondant (and Baconcamp competition victor) Roland caught the action.  According to Roland, the secret ingredient – apricots – was announced, the contestants – Bill Yerkes and Lisa Dillman – toiled mightily, and in the end Mr. Yerkes swayed the judges (which in this case was the spectators) with an apricot chutney chicken dish.

Big ups to both competitors, and a special mention goes out to Bill for a) well, winning, and b) his impressive demonstration of culinary chops well outside of his specialty of artisan pizza making.  Congrats!

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  1. Susan W.
    August 17, 2009

    Hope to see more contributions from Taco Drew.

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