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One restaurant I wanted to write about is Incanto. It is joyously across the street from my parents house in Harrow on the Hill and we had dinner there on our last night. Had I remembered how good it was, I might have asked to go more than once.

Incanto has a deli and coffee shop in the front from which you can step through into a stylish modern dining room, made light and airy by the long skylights.

Incanto is a wonderful example of what a neighborhood restaurant can be, with good value set menus (2 or 3 courses, available for lunch or dinner) and an a la carte menu packed with well sourced and seasonal ingredients.


Our amuse bouche was a flavor packed expresso cup of butternut squash soup.

IMG_3471Lincolnshire smoked eel with foie gras and spiced apple (because we hadn’t had enough on our trip!)


A spelt risotto with nettles and apple wood smoked bacon that was so delicious that I could eat once a week.


Wine poached pear and crunchy, salty samphire salad with gorgonzola dressing.

It seems that I only have photos of the appetizers. Whether I was distracted by the music (there was a party with a band the night we were there), the conversation or just caught up in eating I can’t recall. I have hazy recollections of having had venison for my main course.

I do know that the cheese board was excellent (what do you expect when they have a deli) and the days selection of cheeses was accompanied by a wild carrot honey.

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