Inn at Cedar Falls. Competition Results

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I was staggered by how many entries I received for the competition and I loved the additional the comments and observations that people added to their entries. There were so many touching responses and reasons why people wanted to visit the Inn that I am sorry that I only have one prize. I hope that those of you who didn’t win will be tempted to try the Inn at Cedar Falls on your own (maybe you have already!) It is a lovely get away, cosy  and relaxed and the food is very good. Combine it with a hike in the Hocking Hills or a spa treatment at the Inn (or both!) and you are in for a memorable trip. 

I had some entries for people who had been married at the Inn, some from people with special occasions coming up, or people who felt like they needed a break from the city or a romantic dinner for two. 

The answers were:

1)Which year did the Inn at Cedar Falls open?
A) 1987  (which I learned from one of the responses is the same year U2 released The Joshua Tree) 

2) Who was the founder (and also the first cook) at the Inn?
A) Anne Castle (Ellen’s Mother)

3) What is the name of the current chef?
A) Anthony Schulz (who one reader thought looked like a happy man!) 

4) How many people does the restaurant seat?
A) 45

5) How many cottages does the Inn have?
A) 12 

I enjoyed the entry that put all the answers into a story: ‘I remember the Inn when it was in the planning stages and founded in 1987 by Anne Castle.  The Chef Anthony Schulz has purchased our locally grown produce for his restaurant that seats 45.  We have stayed in one of the 12 cottages’. And also the person who added question number 6.  Who wins this contest? (with their name). 

It was interesting to see the various email signatures and I discovered some new local companies, blogs and even a comic as a result. 

There were 109 entries, all with correct answers. The first one arrived within minutes of my posting the competition and the last one crept in at 11.45pm last night. I used a true random number generator (it picked number 21) and the winner is: 

Jenna Wojdacz – Congratulations, I hope you have a wonderful time. 

Thank you to everyone who complimented my blog. I hope you will visit again and enjoy some of the other posts. 


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