The First Taco Truck Tour

April 27th, 2009    •  by Andy    •   1 Comment »


Thank you so much to everyone who came on the taco truck tour and to Jim and Andy for helping to make it such a fun event. I have to admit to being apprehensive about how it would go but the everyone seemed to have a great time and the response has been wonderful. Over 80 people showed up and I think most people went to 3 or 4 trucks. Some were already taco truck aficionados and others were truckin for the first time. We were so lucky with the weather and the truck owners did a great job speeding through all the orders. I am  glad that so many people have joined the taco truck bandwagon. I get the impression that many will be back, especially for the pollo al carbon. The food really is fantastic and great value and I am glad that we were able to introduce people to some of our favorite west side trucks. 


It was fun to see the variety of transport modes – scooters, motorbikes, bikes as well as cars (maybe we need a COTA taco truck tour?) and the variety of beverages that were paired with the tacos. I guess horchata isn’t for everyone. 


For me the best part of the tour was seeing peoples enthusiasm when they tasted the food and it was a perfect afternoon for leisurely eating, laughing with friends and meeting new people. Everyone was free to go at their own pace, try and few or as many trucks as they wanted, so it was a very relaxed atmosphere. 

Some of the food and drink highlights were the cantaloupe agua fresca at Little Mexico, the coconut ice cream at Potosinos and my new discovery – tostada borraches at Potosinos. This is a vegetarian dish (rare at the taco trucks) with pinto beans, cactus, cheese, salsa and sour cream. Spicy but wonderful. I am looking forward to trying some of Lydia’s other new dishes. As well as the standard taco truck fare, she has added some regional dishes from San Luis Potosi. 


One of my favorite taco truck foods are gorditas (even I can have too many tacos) and Little Mexico has some of the best. Here the owner shows us one of his homemade gordita shells. Tasty, filling and amazing value. 


All in all it was a great day. We even found a new taco truck – and it’s PINK!


For those who missed the first tour, don’t worry there will definitely be an East side tour later this year and there are plans for a cycle tour as well. We hope you will be able to join us. In the mean time, find a friend, use the map, pick a truck (or two) and try some tacos! If you have questions feel free to post them here or on the tacotruckscolumbus website.

Here are some other write ups of the event  from CMH Gourmand, Columbus Foodie and Taco Drew and some more photos

If you would like one of the awesome taco truck tour t shirts- you can, courtesy of Skreened.

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  1. I only hope I can participate in the next tour! And I am totally going to be a poser by buying one of the shirts!

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