Tunbridge Wells

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Bakewell and Treacle Tarts
Bakewell and Treacle Tarts

I think I have finally caught up from our trip to England and France, more than a month after we got back.  There are a few final things I wanted to mention. We spent a fun weekend in Tunbridge Wells in Kent with some of my best friends and unsurprisingly food featured heavily on the itinerary.

Trevor Mottram is the most amazing kitchen shop I have ever been into. It is truly an emporium, stuffed to the gills with all manner of kitchen gadgets, utensils and paraphenalia. A dangerous place for a kitchen geek with a credit card.


Farmers Markets are as popular in the UK as they are here and we caught one of the two Tunbridge Wells markets. This one has a range of meats, vegetables, preserves and baked goods and even a stall dedicated to Scandinavian foods.


We enjoyed looking at the wares of this local butcher, who as well as their handsome bike had a tuk-tuk for deliveries.


It was also in Tunbridge Wells that AD had his first taste of real English fish and chips and mushy peas.


We never worked out what these people were doing. They seemed to just be promenading around town.


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