Foodcast: Ingredient Driven Chefs

January 20th, 2010    •  by Bethia    •   1 Comment »

I wanted to draw your attention to the latest Columbus Foodcast. In this episode we interviewed two local chefs and explored the term ‘Ingredient Driven’. When Skillet Rustic Urban Food opened last fall their menu proclaimed that they were ingredient driven. That made us curious and we wanted to find out more. It seems that there are an increasing number of chefs in Columbus who make an effort to source locally, build relationships with farmers and discuss sourcing on the menu. For this episode we visited Skillet and interviewed the Chefs Caskey (father and son). We also interviewed Brian Pawlak the head chef of Deepwood Restaurant. Pictured below is one of the signature dishes he mentions in the interview, scallop wellington. We are hoping to make this a series and have a couple more interviews planned.

If you haven’t tried Deepwood or Skillet yet I encourage you to do so. Skillet is open for lunch during the week and brunch at weekends with meat centric hearty food. I posted this after my first visit there. Deepwood is one of my favorite places for happy hour, as their bar menu is excellent. They are also open for lunch and usually have a good value set menu for gallery hops. I have also been to a number of interesting special event dinners at Deepwood, including most recently a snout to tail dinner.

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  1. Susan W.
    January 22, 2010

    Incanto, the subject of one of your blogs early last summer, has ingredient led chefs. The proprietor was telling us about his direct source of diver caught scallops from Scotland. He has a story like that for every ingredient. He has read your blog and thinks it’s very good.

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