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March 12th, 2010    •  by Bethia    •   1 Comment »

On May 1st I will be teaching a Mother’s Day kids cooking class at the North Market’s Dispatch Kitchen. We will be making vegetable robots, homemade pasta and ravioli, butter and chocolate truffles as a gift for Mother’s Day. I am really looking forward to it. Last month I assisted at Sheri Lisak’s kids Valentine’s Day class and it helped me to finalize what I want to teach and how much we can do during the 90 minute class. Sheri is a veteran cooking teacher and was fantastic with the kids. I was amazed at how engaged they stayed for the hour and a half class, moving from one cooking station to another.

As you can imagine for a Valentine’s class there were lots of hearts and we made heart shaped pizza and heart shaped cookies as well as salads and salad dressing and finally strawberries dipped in chocolate.

The young chefs had plenty of chances to choose their own toppings and designs, be creative and show their artistic talents. They were a lot of fun and it was great to see their enthusiasm for making their own food and hearing about what they like to cook at home. It was also good to see some of them trying new vegetables and flavors.

If you have, or know any budding chefs, we would love to have them join the class. Aprons, or clothes that can get covered in flour are a good idea! Parents are welcome to stay for the class, or can take the time to explore the North Market. More details and sign up are here.

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  1. Sooo cool, we’ll be there for sure.

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