Marmite Mother Lode

March 31st, 2010    •  by Bethia    •   3 Comments »

Apologies for the lack of new posts. I have been in England for the last couple of weeks and in between all trains, friends, reunions and babies there wasn’t time to sit down at a computer for anything more than keeping my email under control. Of course, I fit in a trip to Wagamama, branched out with lunch at Leon, drank so much tea that my teeth were noticeably stained and ate copious quantities of toast and hot cross buns. I also drank pear cider and apple soft brew and ate far too many crisps.

My mother had been stocking up on marmite products in anticipation of my visit. In addition to the breadsticks, crisps, rice cakes and cereal bars, there were also some marmite cashews which didn’t make the picture and a jar of the new special edition extra strong marmite XO. The cereal bars were the only marmite brand food that I hadn’t tasted before and I tentatively tried one of them this morning. Initially the savoriness is a little unnerving because we are so conditioned to cereal bars being overly sweet.  The marmite flavor is distinctive but not overpowering. I liked them and would buy them again.

I have a couple of other posts I want to write about my trip but in the mean time, here’s my paparazzi picture of the Queen outside Tescos.

3 Comments to “Marmite Mother Lode”

  1. I look forward to hearing more about your trip. Who knew there was Marmite XO?!

  2. Maggie Hall
    April 29, 2010

    Hungrywoolf, if you fancy Marmite info – not just the taste – you need to know about my book: The Mish-Mash Dictionary of Marmite! NPR did a segment on it a while ago and it was mentioned in this week’s NPR essay. As a Marmite fan, you will understand how much fun I had researching the book. More info at: Mish-Mash-Marmite.blogspot.com Thanks….Maggie Hall.

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