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Regular Hungrywoolf readers and the beady eyed among you may have noticed a change this week. The Hungrywoolf blog is now redirecting to our Columbus Food Adventures blog. We have also transferred the entire Hungrywoolf archive over to Columbus Food Adventures.

We decided that five blogs was one too many, and while taco trucks Columbus, alteats Columbus and street eats Columbus each have their own niche, we found ourselves wanting to post the same content on Hungrywoolf and Columbus Food Adventures. To simplify things slightly and avoid overlap and duplicating posts, we decided that merging the two blogs was the best way forward.

The Columbus Food Adventures blog will bring you Columbus food news and events, restaurant reviews and occasional home cooking. We will continue to share food experiences that excite us. The blog will have two main authors – myself and Andy with occasional guest posts. As well as the Hungrywoolf content there will also be some updates and news about tours and other Columbus Food Adventures special events.

We have some great posts in the works so we hope you will visit again soon. You can also subscribe to this blog via rss or follow us on twitter and facebook.

Hungrywoolf will live on on twitter and facebook.

3 Comments to “Merger”

  1. I think you should post an update on your other blogs to let your readers know that you’ve done this. Thankfully, I friended you on FB and saw your post about changing the feeds. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known what happened; nothing popped up in my feeds. 🙁

    • Thanks for the feedback. I have temporarily turned off the redirect to try and let more people know.

  2. You’re very welcome. I’m glad I could help!

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