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If you are an avid twitterer in Ohio you have probably come across @roguebakery. Rogue Bakery is not a conventional bakery with a store front and they don’t advertise. It is more of a secret cookie club spreading by word of mouth on social media, and knowing the secret is part of the fun.

Like Columbus Food Adventures,  Rogue Bakery is a business born from unemployment. Owner and baker Carl is an engineer by trade, who’s been baking cookies for friends and decided to start selling them. The cookies, baked in a church kitchen in Cleveland, are made with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. Order your cookies by Friday night, pay online (via facebook) and if you are lucky enough to live in Columbus or Cleveland the cookies will magically be delivered to your door on Saturday. If you order 2 dozen you can also get a 1/2 gallon of Snowville milk delivered with your cookies. Mail order (without milk) is under beta testing.

cookies columbus

Cookies are $15 for a dozen and choices include an experimental dozen, 12 of a favorite flavor or a gluten free or vegan selection. Flavors include: Ancho peanut butter, I’m not a snickerdoodle, honey toasted cashew cranberry, chocolate liberator, milk chocolate chunk, shape shifters, oatmeal dark chocolate pecan cherry and experimental flavors that vary each week. I’m not a snickerdoodle is one of the most popular, but I’m all about the oatmeal and the honey toasted cashew.

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If you think that nothing could be better than having fresh baked homemade cookies delivered to your door, there’s more. While the cookies are good, I get as much enjoyment from reading the quirky labels. The cookie descriptions are not your average hyperbole. As you can tell from the photos, Carl has a sense of humor and labels may say anything from ‘we like rainbows and unicorns’ to ‘turkey on a cookie? yes or no?’ Carl claims that his cookies are made with ‘less than 15% love by volume.’ I would say that they’re made with more than 15% laughs.

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Carl’s quite obviously a twitter addict who likes to interact with his customers on a wide variety of cookie and non-cookie related topics. Are you awesome? Are you having relationship issues?

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My favorite label is the custom one he designed for our Ohio River Valley wine tour picnic. Please wait until the tour bus stops before shoving cookies in your mouth. Thank you.

4 Comments to “Rogue Bakery”

  1. The first batch of these I ever ordered was for my MahJong game night – the four of had a great time reading all the labels, and carefully cutting one of each kind of cookie into 4 pieces.

    The I’m Not a Snickerdoodle is a standout for me – so buttery, creamy and full of flavor for a “plain” cookie. The texture is excellent as well.

    And, $15 for a dozen, delivered to your house?? A dang bargain.

  2. Hope Ettore
    May 2, 2011

    i can’t figure out how to order cookies. there is no phone number, it won’t let me post on FB (don’t want to be a friend) don’t want to follow on Twitter. I want to order for my mom for Mother’s day. Frustrated.

    • Bethia
      May 2, 2011

      you should be able to buy cookies through the facebook page. It’s a page not a profile so you shouldn’t need to friend it. http://www.facebook.com/RogueBakery click the link of the left hand side that says ‘shop now’

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