Truckload of Tacos

April 29th, 2010    •  by Bethia    •   3 Comments »

Truckload of Tacos is the headline of G.A. Benton’s taco truck feature in this week’s Alive! We had a lot of fun showing G.A and the rest of the Alive crew around some of our favorite trucks and were really pleased with their fantastic seven page(!) feature – as well as the plug for our new project alteatscolumbus. You can read G.A.’s initial post-tour musings here.

It’s been a busy month for the taco truck crew (aka the three amigos). The warmer weather has seen the opening of several new trucks and there are rumors of more on the way. The list of trucks is currently up to date and we will surely be adding more trucks to it soon. There’s also the map to help you find them.

Earlier this month, I did a feature for Vendr.TV eating street food for a day on a budget of $10. I managed, just, and of course, my street food choices included two taco trucks. My $10 day wouldn’t have been complete without the most craveable of taco truck food, a Los Guachos gringa. If you haven’t tried this killer combination of caramelized cheese, al pastor pork fresh from the spit, grilled pineapple and avocado cilantro sauce, well frankly, I feel sorry for you.

As the taco truck project has received so much interest and support we have found ourselves becoming increasingly involved with liaison and advocacy. There are some interesting dynamics between the trucks, the city and the neighborhoods in which they are located. We see the taco trucks as a very positive asset for Columbus and we hope that others will too. We are not sure where this project will eventually take us, but so far its been a very rewarding journey.

One of the highlights of the last month was our Spring 2010 Taco Truck Tour. You can read my full write up on taco trucks columbus. The tours are always a lot of fun: seeing old friends, making new ones, watching people trying new food and sharing the experience with them. The tours get people to explore parts of the city that they might not ordinarily visit and can help to bring communities together. I love that we are able to collaborate with other groups and organizations and that taco trucks appeal to such a diverse range of people.

Visiting the taco trucks is always fun: eating al fresco, not knowing who you will run into, or what what new experiences await you. My most recent bizarre taco truck food experience – chicken shaped (but luckily not flavored) jello.

Upcoming taco truck events are a Cinco de Mayo meet up at Taco Nazo with specially made posole (There will be a group of bikers leaving from Goodale Park at 6.30pm, or you can just meet us at Taco Nazo.) and a presentation on taco trucks and other food adventures at Pecha Kucha on May 13th.  If you have never been to Pecha Kucha, it is a fantastic format for people to speak, very concisely, about what they are passionate about. You are allowed to show 20 slides and you have 20 seconds to talk about each one. I’m a little nervous, but excited to share our story and our love for taco trucks.

Thanks to all the taco truck fans for all the kind words and support for our project, and special thanks of course, to my two amigos. I can’t think of better people to stuff my face with gringas with.

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  1. Great Post.

    It has been fun to watch all that has come after the first freezing weekend in February 2009 when we were climbing snow banks to eat tacos and atole.

  2. Sell some t-shirts like the one Jim’s wearing. I think our Sunday dinner might be Los Gauchos.

    Great team you are!

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