Taste the Future 2011: Ticket Giveaway!

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Columbus has many wonderful food events, but the annual Taste the Future at Columbus State Community College is one that I have particular affection for.  2011 marks the 23rd anniversary of this event, and with over 50 of central Ohio’s premier chefs showing off their talents this year it looks to be another great one! As well as being a wonderful event to graze, it’s also without fail a feast for the eyes. The atmosphere is always relaxed and I love how the spacious CSCC campus setting means that it never feels particularly overcrowded.

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This year participating restaurants include: Barrio, Barcelona, The Clarmont, Cherbourg Bakery, Creole Kitchen, Columbus Fish Market, Due Amici, G Michael’s, Jeni’s Ice creams, Lindey’s Mitchell’s Steakhouse, The Refectory and Trattoria Roma.

The event funds Columbus State’s scholarship programs and special projects, and helps hundreds of students to build their future with a college education.

This year’s Taste the Future will be held on Tuesday, September 13 at 5:30 – 9:00pm at the Downtown Campus, Columbus State Community College. Tickets are $100 and can be purchased online. and here are more photos of last year’s event to whet your appetite.

We have one pair of tickets to give away. Those of you who have entered our giveaways in the past know that we usually ask a question for you to answer in the comments. This one will likely require a small amount of research. So, here goes:

Question: If you’ve never had Somali cuisine, what one Somali dish would you be most interested in trying? (we’d recommend looking here) If you’ve had Somali before, what was your favorite dish? (you’ll probably be able to find it here).

To enter, please leave your answer along with your email address. Entries will close Thursday September 8th at noon and the winner will be selected at random and notified that afternoon.

45 Comments to “Taste the Future 2011: Ticket Giveaway!”

  1. Ooh I LOVE this event, I ate food from every single vendor a couple years ago 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSySjcV18J8

    Fata Muus sounds amazing.

  2. I’d love to try the chicken suqaar. I’m kicking myself that I haven’t been to solay bistro yet. And I’d love to go to this event too!

  3. I’m always curious about these events, but as a vegetarian, I am EXTREMELY reticent to spend a lot of money on a ticket, despite knowing that I’m really donating money to a cause, without having a good idea of how much I’d even be able to eat and enjoy the event. I’d be curious to check it out with a winning ticket, though. (No, seriously, are these ever vegetarian-friendly? My husband will eat seafood, but hates cheese, and I don’t eat seafood. I feel like the nods to vegetarians are going to involve one or more of those items, despite seafood being, you know, not actually vegetarian.)

    Anyway, I haven’t had a lot of Ethiopian, but my husband and I went to the Blue Nile a few years ago, and I loved the injera. I can’t remember which entrees we had on it, but Mesir Wat and Shiro are both things that would probably appeal to us. Pretty sure we had a vegetarian sambusa, too, because I love potatoes and peas.

  4. Fata Muus sounds mouth watering. Three ingredients I love and one I’ve been wanting to try after I saw it used on ‘chopped’, sabaya.

  5. I’ve never had Somalian food before, but I’ve heard that there are a lot of Indian influences in the cuisine. Since I’m Indian, I think I would like to try sambusas and chicken suqaar.

  6. I’m a big bread fan so I’d have to say that Sabaya Bread although the Injera Bread is really unique and well worth a try if you’ve never had it!

  7. The cardamom rice at Solay sounds delish! I need to get over there and try them out. I’m game for trying anything at least once.

  8. I’d like to try Chicken Suqaar. I love all types of curry.

  9. Derek Detert
    September 1, 2011

    I would easily pick Fata Muus for my Somali dish.

  10. I’d most like to try KK, because it sounds like the most strange & interesting thing.

  11. I had an amazing curry veggie dish at Solay on an Alt Eats tour, I wanted to keep eating but was way too stuffed. I can’t remember which veggie atm, but I think I’ll be going there and finding out soon!

  12. I lived in Clintonville years ago and had next door neighbors from Somalia. I loved when we shared meals! I could not get enough of the curry dishes cardamom rice

  13. Edwin John Yang
    September 1, 2011

    I would try the curried chickpeas.

  14. The sabaya bread sounds intriguing. I’d also dive face-first into the curried chickpeas and chicken suqaar.

  15. Never had Somalian food before… Would be interested on Slow-cooked Somali rotisserie chicken!

  16. Would love to try the Fata Muus! Never had Somali before but after reading that post, I’d love to experience it!

  17. I love the goat at Solay Bistro!

  18. I JUST went to Solay Bistro last night, because of your recommendation! It was wonderful, but the standout was the vegetarian Sambusas and the amazing spicy dipping sauce it came with. I could drink that sauce it was so good!

    Would love to experience this event! $100 is a little steep for my budget, so fingers crossed 🙂

  19. Stephanie
    September 1, 2011

    Where to begin? I’ve never had Somali, but would love to try the chicken suqaar and the injera bread. Sounds amazing!

  20. I would like to try Fata Muus.

  21. Shin Ying Jou
    September 1, 2011

    I have never tried any Somali cuisine before and I don’t think there is any in Asia.
    Since I am going to Columbus and I’d like to try Fata Muus (a sweet mix of sabaya, honey, butter, and bananas) and bring the taste of this mysterious cuisine & culture back to Asia :))

  22. Rotisserie chicken and cardamom rice please!

  23. Carrie Fenstermaker
    September 2, 2011

    Somali rotissirie chicken sounds fabulous! I have been to the CSCC event before & it was fantastic! Would love to go again!

  24. Robin White
    September 2, 2011

    Do not believe I have ever had Somali cuisine but Fata Muus (a sweet mix of sabaya, honey, butter, and bananas) sounds very interesting… uhm… anything is better with butter..

  25. The Mixed Vegetable Sanuunad/Suugo sounds awesome! I love vegetable-y things and this is right up my alley. I’ve had Ethiopoan food once and fell in love, so the mixed platters sound perfect as well.

  26. I have not had the opportunity to try Somali food, but think the Chicken suqaar would be great!

    I’d love to go the Taste the Future event!

  27. Ingrid Cancel
    September 2, 2011

    I would love to try the cardamom rice–it’s sweet, flowery essence would definitely be a one of a kind life-time experience for me. It sounds luxurious and absolutely sumptuous.

  28. Rebecca Monday
    September 2, 2011

    I’d love to try Chicken Suqaar, sounds delicious:) I am new to Columbus and would love to win the tickets hoping to get a great TASTE of this city!!!

  29. Andrew Dierksheide
    September 2, 2011

    I love trying new cusines, I will be sure to check out Solay soon! Id love to try it all but my first dish will be Chicken Suqaar with sabaya bread. Fingers crossed I get the opportunity to attend TASTE THE FUTURE!

  30. aaron couts
    September 2, 2011

    Chicken suqaar sounds really good, never had somalian but I love trying new foods.

  31. JAMES E. H.
    September 3, 2011

    Every dinner is complete with a sweet dessert. My taste buds approve of the ingredients listed with Fata muus.

  32. Thanks to you guys (and the Alt.Eats blog) I’ve gotten hooked on KK.

  33. Vicki Evans
    September 4, 2011

    Chicken suqaar..sounds wonderful..I love anything curry!!!!

  34. Semolina Cake looks and sounds delicious!

  35. garys.cmh
    September 5, 2011

    I’ve only had Somali food once (long time ago in NYC) but now that you’ve turned us on to our local opportunity, I’m excited!

    Not sure if it’s served locally but the dish known as “Federation” sounds like a must-try! If there is a Somali name for this dish I haven’t run across it, but any meal that places rice along spaghetti just cries “order me – I dare you!” For the record, both starches are slathered in any variety of sauces/meats/etc., making a great opportunity to conduct a little tour of Somali flavors within the confines of a single plate! I dunno, I just like the bizarre idea of this dish and now I’m dying to order it.

  36. I would love to try Solay’s special cardamom rice.

  37. Jennifer B
    September 6, 2011

    I’ve never had Somali cuisine. I’d like to try the chicken suqaar. How can you go wrong with anything resembling curry?

  38. Definitely would want to try Sabaya bread and injera bread. I love bread and anything bread-related be it sourdough or naan or even a piece of toast! 🙂

  39. I think cardamon rice would be nice to try, I love cardamon. I passed on your link to a friend of mine who really enjoys Somali food, I hope he attends.

  40. Polly Hawk
    September 7, 2011

    I have never tried Somali Cuisine – but would love to sample the Sugar Beef!

  41. I’ve heard such wonderful things about this event—I hope to attend this year! The injera bread and curried chickpeas sound delicious.

  42. They have a mixed plate that sounds yummy – the veggie stuff is awesome b/c it’s so flavorful, you don’t mix the meat.

    Love Ethi food so injera (spelled differently there) is awesome as “silverware”

  43. Jessica K
    September 8, 2011

    I’d love to try the chicken suqaar. I’d love to attend the event, I’ve never been before!

  44. I would LOVE to try the Chicken Sugaar, I have eaten many an Indian curry and make them at home myself but trying a curry from another culture would be exciting and a new sense for my tastebuds!

  45. The competition is now closed. Congratulations to our winner Andrew Dierksheide picked out by random.org

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