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June 3rd, 2011    •  by Bethia    •   8 Comments »

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Last night was the opening night of Available Light Theatre‘s new production The Food Play. We were honored to be part of the opening performance. Each show includes an interview with someone involved in local food. You may have missed our five minutes of fame, but you have plenty more opportunities to see the show – the play runs until June 11th in the North Market’s Dispatch Kitchen.Here is the line up of other interviewees.

June 3:  Colleen Leonardi & Kit Yoon of Edible Columbus
June 4: Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
June 5:  Jaime and Adam Welly of Wayward Seed Farm
June 9: Bear Braumoeller of Slow Food & Chef Kevin Caskey of Skillet
June 10:  Warren Taylor of Snowville Creamery
June 11: Michael Jones of Local Matters

The Food Play is:

A healthy, organic, locally grown evening of spectacular performances in Available Light’s trademark style – described by American Theatre magazine as “songs and scenes, quips and quotations… a brilliantly eclectic anthology.”

The show is about food issues and our local food system and Available Light Theatre raises (and attempts to answer) questions like ‘what is good food?’ and ‘what does it mean to eat right?’ It’s funny and thought provoking and inspiring. The cast has done an amazing amount of research including a field trip to Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farms. The Food Play also includes delicious food from Local Matters and Jeni’s Ice Creams and it is interactive (you don’t have to get up on stage but you will have an opportunity to chat with other members of the audience and cast). If you want to find out more here’s a video and some FAQ. You can buy tickets here.

We have a pair of tickets to give away for the performance on Thursday June 9th featuring Slow Food Columbus chair Bear Braumoeller and Chef Kevin Caskey from Skillet. The show starts at 8pm. The deadline to enter is noon on Tuesday and the winner will be picked using a random number generator.

To enter please leave a comment with a ‘food rule’ that you follow (if you can’t think of one here are some ideas to get you started).

8 Comments to “The Food Play: ticket giveaway”

  1. Some ‘food rules’ I follow are:

    -try to eat locally if possible
    -eat from restaurants that creates their menu from locally grown goodies
    -try new things at least once (so I won’t miss out, good or bad)
    -though I may eat it, I don’t have to like it…
    -enjoy and savor the meal, try not to scarf it up…
    -some ingredients are better left unknown TT__TT
    -appreciate and respect the diversity the food culture

    …that’s pretty much the ‘food rules’ I follow~

  2. Heather Fidler
    June 3, 2011

    If you have a time-worn recipe that you know you love, don’t be afraid to play with it now and again. It’s like getting dressed up to go on a date with your long time love.

  3. Anne Evans
    June 3, 2011

    I watch for hfcs
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I try to always know where my food comes from and what’s in it. This means eating locally when possible and making most of my food from scratch. When I do go out, eating at a restaurant that uses fresh, local ingredients is ideal.

  5. Katie
    June 3, 2011

    Eat only yummy food. If it’s doesn’t taste good, stop eating it. It’s a waste of stomach space.

  6. Adam Einhorn
    June 3, 2011

    You cannot use too much garlic in almost any recipe.

  7. Jennifer
    June 4, 2011

    Never be afraid to try new things. Eat local – support local producers, markets and restaurants. Help others understand why you choose the foods you do.

  8. There are few things that are not improved with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper.
    Sometimes simple is simply delicious!

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