Event – ‘Fresh Street Japanese Carnival’, Pop-Up Restaurant in Cleveland

January 25th, 2012    •  by Andy    •   35 Comments »

Purchase tickets and see full menu for this event here!

This is a screaming deal, if we do say so ourselves, on an exciting event we’ve managed to pull together last-minute. Here’s the deal:

Fresh Street is putting on a ‘pop-up restaurant’ evening that’ll be hosted by Iron Chef competitor Jonathan Sawyer at his newest restaurant, Noodlecat in Cleveland. On Feb. 2nd, from 6:30pm on, they’ll be serving Japanese crepes, takoyaki, and yakitori in the restaurant. The ticket price includes full access to all of these offerings.

And, if you’ve ever experienced the creations of Fresh Street and their sister operation, Section 8 Yakitorium, you’ll know that this is a big good thing. Here’s an equally big good thing – our group will have the opportunity to sit down with Chef Sawyer beforehand over drinks at his flagship restaurant, The Greenhouse Tavern.

If you were to go yourself, tickets would be $42 just for the pop-up portion of the evening (excluding travel expenses). We’re offering the bundle, including the meet & greet with Chef Sawyer, plus transportation from Columbus, for $55.00.

So take off a half day and join us in supporting one of the great local culinary duos! On Thursday, February 2nd, we’ll depart from the  aquatic center in Victorian Village (free parking there for all participants) at 2:30pm, with the goal of arriving at Greenhouse Tavern at 5:30pm at latest. We’ll take the short walk from Greenhouse to Noodlecat around 6:30pm for the main event, and spend approximately 3 hours there. Departure will be at 9:30pm at latest, which should put us back in Columbus right around midnight if not earlier.

Purchase tickets and see full menu for this event here!

EDIT: The drawing for the two free tickets is now closed. The random number generator has chosen, out of the 35 comments received, this one:

That’d be Joyce! We’ll contact you shortly.

And for everyone else – purchase tickets and see the full menu for this event here!

35 Comments to “Event – ‘Fresh Street Japanese Carnival’, Pop-Up Restaurant in Cleveland”

  1. Mememememememe!

  2. Bridgett
    January 25, 2012

    Sounds like an amazing event! I cant make it (so disregard me for giveaway) but I look forward to hearing about it later. Have fun!

  3. Amy Kent
    January 25, 2012

    This sounds like so much fun and haven’t had octopus takoyaki since we visited Japan in 2002. Love it!!!

  4. A few of our favorite things in Ohio…Fresh Street and GHT. Oh, and cocktails in general. Bravo to all involved for putting this together.

  5. Sounds freaking amazing!! We love love love both Chef Sawyer and Fresh Street!

  6. Oh! Oh! Me! Me!!!!!!!!!!! I would so take a half day of vacay for this.

  7. Amazing! Chef Sawyer is my hero. Fresh Street rocks my world. Cleveland I secretly crush on.

  8. Heather Pigott
    January 25, 2012


  9. I would love to accompany you.

  10. This sounds super fun!

  11. A contest for an event on a day I have off… woah! Sounds like fun!

  12. Awww rats!! I’ll be visiting Columbus Feb 10-13

  13. Stephanie F
    January 25, 2012

    sign me up for the contest.. i’d love to go and generate lots of press about the restaurant 😉

  14. Pick me because I can’t afford tickets, I want to take my date here, and love good Japanese food more than anyone else in Cleveland yay!!

  15. Ryan Dawson
    January 25, 2012

    I’m off on the 2nd hope you pick me!

  16. I’d love to go.

  17. Love Freshstreet, and never had a chance to go to GHT, would love to!

  18. My date for Thursday just bailed on me, so I need a girls night!! Dude was lame anyways, meh. Yakitori?? Hook a sister up!!

  19. Please, pick me. I’m to poor to go any other way : P

  20. Please pick me! I’m too* poor to go any other way : P ( Poor. Not stupid. Just not a good proofreader at times.)

  21. I’d love to go to this.

  22. Oh….my….God! If you pick me for this, I will be developing a sudden and severe illness that will preclude my being able to work that day. “cough” “cough”

  23. We absolutely LOVE Greenhouse Tavern, so I’m sure this will be a fabulous event! Congratulations to Chef Sawyer on such success. He creates amazing dishes – one of our faves, to name only one (and a small one, at that!), is the incredible Devils on Horseback.

  24. Pick me! I’ve never been to Cleveland, what a great initial experience!!

  25. I would take the day off it I won, It sounds like fun.

  26. Mike Stevens
    January 25, 2012

    This would be fun. I’ve never done anything like this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. Would love to go, plus, I am cutting costs for you since I live in Cleveland

  28. Great contest! Yay, Fresh Street!

  29. Oh oh oh! I wanna go! I’m on vacation that week, but wasn’t going anywhere. This could be my vacation treat 🙂

  30. My husband eats at Fresh Street on a weekly basis, he would LOVE to go to this event.

  31. Of all the times we’ve been to Cleveland, have yet to make it to the Greenhouse Tavern and would love to try it!

  32. Food looks amazing!

  33. Sounds like an awesome time!

  34. This sounds like tons of fun!

  35. If I win, I’ll force my work to understand my taking 1/2 day!

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