New Americans

January 14th, 2016    •  by Bethia    •   No Comments »

All of WOSU’s Columbus Neighborhoods documentaries have been very good, but the final installment – ‘New Americans’, which focuses on our city’s refugee and immigrant communities – was truly exceptional. We attended the preview showing last night, and came away stunned – it was honest, compassionate, impressively comprehensive, moving, well structured, and just smart, smart, smart.

This documentary was clearly the type of exhaustive endeavor that can only be a labor of love, and we’d like to congratulate WOSU and the Columbus Neighborhoods team on their impressive achievement. We strongly suspect that ‘New Americans’ has the potential to change the way a lot of people think about and view our city, both locally and beyond.

Here’s a little preview – a short that includes Bethia and Columbus Food Adventures, part of which is included in the full documentary. New Americans premieres on WOSU on Monday January 18th at 9pm and should be available online soon afterwards.

New Americans Short Story: Ethnic Food in Columbus

A look at Columbus’ food scene and how it has been influenced by immigrants in Columbus, including Columbus Food Adventures, which leads a tour of ethnic food in the city.Columbus Neighborhoods: New Americans premieres in one week at 9pm Monday, January 18 only on WOSU TV.

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