An A-Z of Columbus Restaurants

January 16th, 2021    •  by Bethia    •   3 Comments »

An A-Z of Central Ohio Restaurants.

Inspired by a post on the Support Central Ohio Restaurant Group on Facebook we decided to try making an A-Z list of Central Ohio restaurants. We managed to complete all 26 letters and thought we’d share our list in case it inspires you to try somewhere new, or if like the original poster you want to challenge yourself to try a restaurant from every letter! Please bear in mind that this is not intended to be a comprehensive list of every restaurant in Central Ohio. No doubt there are many restaurants we forgot but these are the ones that initially came to mind. We apologize for any omissions.


Aangan, Aab, Akai Hana, Aloha Aina, African Paradise, Alchemy, Ampersand, Asterisk, Afra Grill, Addis, Ajumama , Los Andes, Arepazo, Alebrijes


Belle’s Bread, Bangkok, Bonifacio, Barroluco, Brown Bag Deli, Barcelona, Barley’s, Borgata, Brassica, Buckeye Pho, Brezel, Bake Me Happy, Bistrolino


Coco’s, Couscous House, Caspian Grill, Cleaver, Cravings Cafe, Chapman’s, Cafe Elena, Comune, Chili Verde, Creole Kitchen, La Chatelaine, Cap City, Cambridge Tea House.


Dabakh, Dosa Corner, Dos Hermanos, Diaspora, Dough Mama, Destination Donut, Dire Dawa, Drelyse, Darbo, DK Diner


Erawan, Everest, El Vaquero, Emmett’s, Espresso Air, Ena’s, Estilo Brazil


Firdou’s, Figlio, Fox in the Snow, Fetty’s, Flavor 91, Forno


Goremade, Ginevra, Gemut, G. Michael’s, Taqueria Guadalupana, Gallo’s, Los Galapagos, Los Guachos, The Guild House


Huong, Hoyo’s, Hongkong House, Himalayan Grill, Helen’s, Hot Chicken Takeover, Hisham’s, Havana Mia, Hen Quarter , Hamdi Grill

Intercontinental, Indreni, Indochine, Island Vibes


Jiu Thai, Jeddo Kabab, Joy’s Village, Taqueria Jalisco


Kuya Ian’s, Kabob Shack, Kulmiya, Kai’s, Katzinger’s, Kolache Republic, Koshary King


Lan Viet, Lalibela, Lavash, Lotte, Layla’s, Lotus Grill, Lox Bagel Shop, Lupo,  LaShish The Greek


Mi Li Cafe, Ming Ga, Momo Ghar, Mr Hummus, Meshikou, Mediterranean Imports, The Mix, Mama Mimi’s, Milestone

Nara, N.E, Chinese, Namaste, Nida’s, Northstar Cafe, Noodle Topia, Nile Vegan


Oshio, Olive & Thyme, Oil & Thyme, Omega


Poong Mei, Pho Asian Noodle House, Pistacia Vera, Preston’s, Paulie Gee’s, Punk Pigs, Pierogi Mountain, Porketta, The Pearl, Pat and Gracie’s.


Quinci Emporium, Quicho (Taco Nazo)


Riziki Swahili Grill, Red Chili, Royal Ginger, The Refectory, Rockmill Tavern, Real Honduras Restaurant, Ranchero Kitchen, Red Square, Ray Ray’s


Sushi Ten, Sassafras, Satori, Schmidt’s, Sunflower, Smokehouse, Sargam, Service Bar, Si Senor, Sweet Carrot, Syrian Kitchen


Tensuke Express, Tandoori Grill, Tibetan Momo, Teazone Third & Hollywood, La Tavola, Thurman’s, Tasi Cafe, The Top, Tulip Cafe

Uncle Giant, Uptown Deli & Brew


Valter’s, Village Taco, Vaso. Val’s of the Caribbean


Watershed, Wali, West International, Wycliff’s Kitchen, The Whitney House, Woodhouse Vegan, Wing’s, Way down Yonder


Xi Xia, Xia Wei Kitchen


Yemeni Restaurant, Yau’s, Ying’s, Yanni’s

J. Zhen Asian Bistro, Zen Cha, Zaftig, Z Cucina



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  1. I want to add Ye’s Asian Vegan restaurant in Hilliard. It’s so good!!!

  2. Wendy Grindstaff
    January 17, 2021

    Morettis!! One of our favorite local restaurants

  3. You gotta try Nandan!

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