Huevos Rancheros

April 24th, 2009    •  by Bethia    •   5 Comments »

I have had many variations of huevos rancheros in restaurants. It is one of my favorite breakfast things to order out. It can be risky though, especially if you are somewhere new. Variations range from amazing to awful, with some pretty indifferent versions in between. One of my favorites from Sylvester’s in Northampton MA, was served with grilled cornbread. 

I haven’t found a huevos rancheros in Columbus that quite meets the mark, although I will admit that I may not have been trying hard enough. I am certainly open to suggestions. 

In the meantime, having discovered Koki’s tortilleria in the course of our taco truck mission, I decided it was time to try and make my own. Here are a couple of the attempts:




Components are: Koki’s tortillas (in this case flour), home made black beans, 2silos eggs, salsa (not home made I confess), some left over hot sauce from a taco truck, sauteed onions and peppers and lime wedges.

I made the black beans using a bag of dried black beans which I soaked and then cooked with a little onion, garlic, tomato, chilli, cumin and whatever else caught my eye on the shelf. I can’t remember the exact details of my improvisation, only that I was very pleased with the result. I will admit to putting some marmite, much to AD’s horror – I quote “Marmite never ever belongs in Mexican Food”. Whilst that may be true, I often use a little instead of bouillon to add some flavor depth and salt.

I think some further experimentation is in order, but I enjoyed the results so far.

5 Comments to “Huevos Rancheros”

  1. Been ordering huevos rancheros anytime I come across a new version for about a decade now.

    My favorite interpretation comes from Bluebird Cafe in NOLA (which, incidentally, is shuttering its doors at the end of May after 20 years).

    Soft corn tortillas, creamy black beans, just-runny-enough eggs, some peppers, ranchero sauce, cheese and salsa. A little soupy — maybe even comes in a bowl, I think.

    Pretty straight-forward, but perfect after a long Jazz Fest-night.

    In town, I know Tasi’s got a version. Sans black beans, which I thought was interesting. Starliner. Las Margaritas (no thank you). Think it’s on El Vaquero’s lunch menu, but we never got for lunch.

    Your versions look pretty good 🙂

    • Perhaps you could create a Mexican version of Marmite with cumin, cilantro and lengua bouillon and call it Mexmite. I am sure it will be a big hit.

      There is no inconvenience too great for Marmite.

  2. Love Starliner’s version. Perhaps a little over-the top, but always flavorful.

  3. Starliner Diner has favorite Huevos Rancheros.

  4. I think the key to the flavor of huevos rancheros is going to be the black beans. Of all the ingredients, the beans should have the most care. The secret is something called recaito. You can buy recaito already made in a jar or you can make it yourself. It is a cilantro based paste


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