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The Hills Market Downtown

March 19th, 2013    •  by Bethia    •   No Comments »

The Hills Market Downtown – Grand Opening! About a month ago, during a Dessert Tour, I was talking with Pistacia Vera‘s co-owner Spencer Budros when he veered off into a passionate soliloquy on the buzz he senses in the city – he noted the throngs of people out and about downtown, the constant construction, the new announcements and openings made practically everyday, and a widely shared upbeat demeanor about the future. He’s right – it is a good time to be a part of this city. We feel it too, and never more so than with the opening of the […]

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Little Eatery & Darista Cafe

August 13th, 2012    •  by Andy    •   1 Comment »

Our ears perk up when we’re told of good food in out-of-the-way locations. It’s not that being ‘off the beaten path’ is a virtue in and of itself, but more that these unconventional setups have a greater than average chance of being ‘food forward’… which is to say, focused on putting out a quality meal. Little Eatery and Darista Cafe both qualify, and are what would be considered ‘pop-up’ restaurants. Both operate out of the patio kitchen tucked under an overhang outside of the Hill’s Market; Little Eatery on Wednesdays & Thursdays during lunch, Darista for Friday lunches (both 11am-2pm). […]

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Ohio Sweethearts

January 22nd, 2011    •  by Bethia    •   38 Comments »

If you think that our dessert tour is for people with a sweet tooth, then this is going to blow your mind. Luckily we have two free tickets to give away! The Hills Market is offering a chance to taste 17 of the best desserts Ohio has to offer paired with some of their favorite beverages. On Friday, February 4th, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m, you can taste the best of Ohio’s sweets paired with libations from the heartland (and beyond) at a tasting event that benefits Mended Little Hearts, a new support program for parents of children with heart defects […]

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2010 Oscar Dinner at Hills Market

March 9th, 2010    •  by Bethia    •   5 Comments »

I had such a good time at last year’s Hills Oscar Dinner that as soon as the 2010 dinner was announced I knew I wanted to attend. Jill (Marketing Director and Event Planner Extraordinaire) and Constance (Wine Director) are so creative with their wine and food pairings and it is fun to interact with the other diners. I also enjoy hearing what the critics have to say about movies that made and didn’t make the oscar short list. I always come away with a list of recommendations. As last year we were joined by WCBE 90.5 FM’s John DeSando, co-host for […]

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Pattycake Bakery and Wine Pairing at Hills Market

October 24th, 2009    •  by Bethia    •   1 Comment »

One of the great things about the Hills Market is that you can get Jeni’s ice cream, Pistacia Vera and Pattycake Bakery goodies all under one roof. Add that they are licensed to sell liquor and that they have a great cheese selection and you don’t need any more reasons to go. This event was the same formula as the Pistacia Vera tasting I went to in February: delicious desserts, some interesting wine pairings and enough sugar to leave you twitching. The difference was that Pattycake desserts are all cholesterol free…. make without any dairy or eggs. Jennie Scheinbach the […]

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Crab Boil and Crab Cakes

August 2nd, 2009    •  by Bethia    •   1 Comment »

Hills Market host a lot of great food events, salmon and hog roasts, cheese tasting, dinners. This summer they are holding a series of crab boils. Sitting out on the patio on a hot summer evening eating crabs, you can almost forget you are in the landlubbery state of Ohio. If you have never eaten crabs in the shell, the first thing you should know is that it is messy. The second is that you work hard for your food. We sat next to some disgruntled and whiny teenagers who weren’t impressed with the output to input ratio. It is […]

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In the Month of Mayw

May 31st, 2009    •  by Bethia    •   4 Comments »

I’m playing catch up again, so another month of highlights. It’s hard to know where to start, there have been so many this month. Probably most memorable was my first trip to Yellow Springs. I had heard so much about Yellow Springs but it lived up to the hype, helped by perfect weather over Mother’s Day weekend. It reminded me of Northampton MA, where I used to live. Smaller and quieter but the same crunchy, relaxed vibe. We camped at John Bryan State Park and ate our way through Yellow Springs, hitting Young’s Dairy, The Winds Cafe (dinner), Sunrise Cafe […]

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